Texas Spring Training – 2022

Hello Marquette sailors + friends!

During the week of March 13th, the Marquette University Sailing Team traveled to Houston, Texas, for a week of spring training. Our crew of 16 loaded up the cars with high spirits and began the 18-hour road trip to the Lone Star State. With near-perfect sailing conditions projected for the duration of our stay, Marquette Sailing was eager to hit the water. We had a variety of experience levels, ranging from people who have never stepped foot in a boat to highly trained skippers. Our team sailed out of the Lakewood Yacht Club in Clear Lake, an entrance lake to Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Our days consisted of chalk talks, where we discussed everything from sailing basics to advanced racing tactics and on-the-water drills consisting of practice race starts, races, and technique drills. We worked with two highly experienced coaches who pushed us to learn and perfect our skills. It was nothing but motivating to see our team become stronger and more confident in our abilities as each day went by. Our team also spent time bonding off the water as we explored downtown Houston and made team dinners every night. Spring training provided our team with a breadth of sailing knowledge, and we look forward to implementing our new training tactics into our practices and races.

Without your support, this training would not be possible – Marquette Sailing thanks you all!

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