Ski Trip Recap 1/24/2023

Hello Marquette Sailing Community!

Last weekend, 15 Marquette Sailors joined us for a ski trip hosted by our vice-commodore, Brittany! We arrived at her residence around 6 P.M. After we all unpacked, we all went onto the frozen lake to ice skate and throw snowballs. We ate pizza, and played games until we all decided to knockout for our big day tomorrow. We woke up early in the morning Saturday and, ate breakfast and then drove 10 minutes to hit the slopes, at Little Switzerland. No one got injured except a few bruises and scratches. We left around 5 and catered Qdoba, which was quickly demolished. Overall we had an amazing time and it helped our sailors get closer together. We hope everyone who didn’t get a chance to participate can join us next year!


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