Ski Trip Recap 1/24/2023

Hello Marquette Sailing Community! Last weekend, 15 Marquette Sailors joined us for a ski trip hosted by our vice-commodore, Brittany! We arrived at her residence around 6 P.M. After we all unpacked, we all went onto the frozen lake to ice skate and throw snowballs. We ate pizza, and played games until we all decidedContinue reading “Ski Trip Recap 1/24/2023”

Meet The 2023 Executive Board!

Hello Marquette Sailing Community! Congratulations to our newly elected Executive Board for the Marquette University Sailing Team! Jenna Kozal ’24 – Commodore & Team Captain Brittany Shabino ’25 – Vice-Commodore & Regatta Chair Kendall Herzog ’25 – Finance Chair Caroline Bielski ’24- Alumni & Fundraising Chair Eva Paschke ’25 – Equipment Chair Zach Sonkin ’24Continue reading “Meet The 2023 Executive Board!”

Spring 2022 Regatta Schedule

Hello Marquette sailors + friends, Here is our Spring 2022 Regatta Schedule: MCSA Open Fleet Race National Qualifiers: 04/19 – 04/20 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison MCSA Women’s Fleet Race National Qualifiers: 04/16 – 04/17 at the University of Michigan Cream City Classic: 04/30 – 05/01 at Marquette University MCSA Regional Teams National Invitational: 04/30Continue reading “Spring 2022 Regatta Schedule”

Texas Spring Training – 2022

Hello Marquette sailors + friends! During the week of March 13th, the Marquette University Sailing Team traveled to Houston, Texas, for a week of spring training. Our crew of 16 loaded up the cars with high spirits and began the 18-hour road trip to the Lone Star State. With near-perfect sailing conditions projected for theContinue reading “Texas Spring Training – 2022”