Minutes: 2-24-10

Contact us at musailing@gmail.com.
• Social event this Friday! Contact Danny for details.
• Dylan is looking to organize a committee to research Club History for the website.
o If you’re interested in being involved, talk to Dylan!
• March indoor practices –
o Monday, March 1st – Advanced Racing
o Monday, March 8th – How to Sail
o Monday, March 22nd (after Spring Break) – Knots practice
o We will be sending out an email with the times and locations of these practices.
• Sadly, there is snow on the ground and ice on the water. Water practices will be happening whenever we can float our boats, rather than rest them, on Lake Michigan.
• Put a link on your blog or Facebook to Marquettesailingclub.org!


Minutes: 2-17-10

Contact us at musailing@gmail.com.
• Still collecting Dues – $40, write checks to “Marquette University Sailing”
• Water practices will start the week before Spring Break!
o    Get in the water March 8 – at the Milwaukee Yacht Club
• Land practices will be held the 3 Monday (evenings) in March – look out for an email from the Captain
o    Basic sailing, KNOTS, strategy/tactics
o    For COMMODORE’S BALL info contact Danny at daniel.wynn@marquette.edu.
• Soccer Intramurals – GO TO THEM!!!  Look for an email from Danny about game times for this weekend.
• We’ll be getting new sails this year.
• Pere Marquette Regatta this fall – weekend of Oct. 2/3

Minutes: 2-10-10

  • Contact us at musailing@gmail.com.
  • Dues were due (every semester we fight the urge to use that pun, but somehow it never fails). We’ll try to get a members list up as soon as possible. If you’re name isn’t up it’s probably because you haven’t paid yet, but if you did and it isn’t, contact treasurer Brian.
  • For information regarding the commodore’s ball, contact Danny at daniel.wynn@mu.edu.
  • Steve should be holding practices on land soon. We’re hoping to teach newer members the basic principles of sailing, and maybe how to tie a knot or two. We also plan to hold a more advanced practice focusing on tactics and strategy in regattas.
  • Make sure you show up to play for your intramural soccer team – last week we had to forfeit and pay a fee.  If you can’t go, tell Danny right away so we can avoid the fee.
  • From now on we’ll be posting the minutes on the website, rather than sending out email minutes (although since we’re only telling you this on the website anyways, hopefully you’ll know to stop by to find out).
  • Send Christie emails if you want to mention something, rather than the whole team. We understand the temptation to send out mass emails, but we’re trying to cut back ourselves so we don’t keep flooding your inboxes.

Minutes: 1-27-10

Hey everyone, this marquettesailingclub.org, the official site/blog of… the Marquette sailing club. We just switched over to wordpress and apologize if we don’t yet have the information you’re looking for, misspelled your name, etc. Once dues start to come in we’ll have a roster of all the members, and after we register for spring and fall regattas we’ll have a list of that up too. Until then if you need any information just email the appropriate eboard officer at musailing@gmail.com. For now, here’s the first minutes of the year (from the second meeting of the semester), courtesy of our wonderful secretary, Christie George.

  • Midwinters conference is this weekend!!  Those attending will be sure to regale their experiences for the rest of you at our next gathering.
  • E-Board members introduced themselves to the new members (Welcome aboard!). Check the listing on the right to see who’s who.
  • Captain Steve plans to hold indoor practices this semester.  There will be practices both for those who would like to learn how to sail, and for those who are interested in learning more strategic sailing techniques.
  • Intramural Soccer games start this weekend!!  If you’re on the soccer team and are not attending Midwinters, best of luck to you in our season opener.
  • Speaking of intramurals… the jersey orders are in!  Email Alexandra (alexandra.bracken@marquette.edu) or Danny (daniel.wynn@marquette.edu) ASAP if you’d like to ensure that you get one in the proper size, otherwise we’ll have extras for sale once they arrive.
  • The Commodore’s Ball is coming up!  Talk to Danny!