Executive Board

Bobby Sessions ’20 – Commodore & Captain (Serving on eboard since 2018)

As the Captain, Bobby is responsible for organizing and executing regular practices available to all members, holding skill lectures, or “chalk-talks,” to educate members of all skill-level on sailing technique, and organizing team competitors at regattas. 


Etain McKinney ’22 – Publicity Chair (Serving on eboard since 2019)
Etain is responsible for all things publicity. She is in charge of all social media accounts under Marquette Sailing. Her number one goal is to help involve MUST around campus and to help gain the attention of new members from a multitude of backgrounds. For info on the team or media inquiries email Etain. Etain.mckinney@marquette.edu

Erik Floyd & Vice-Commodore ’21 – Treasurer (Serving on eboard since 2018)

As a finance major, Erik lives and breaths money. He is in control of the club’s bank account and helps guide the team in the best fiscal manner out there.

Colin Higgins’21 – Regatta Chair (Serving on eboard since 2019)


Colin plans, coordinates, and organizes regattas in conjunction with other schools in the MCSA.  He encourages every Marquette sailor to attend as many regattas as possible in order to represent Marquette’s name and uphold the competitive nature of our sport.  He also aims to host an excellent Pere Marquette Regatta for sailors throughout the Midwest.   If you have any regatta related questions, contact colin.higgins@marquette.edu.


Sol Dworsky ’21 – Equipment Chair (Serving on eboard since 2019)

As an equipment chair, Sol is responsible for buying, maintaining, repairing, and reporting all club owned equipment including our boats, boat parts, gear, trailer and more. His job keeps us safe while we’re out at sea. If you have any equipment related questions – you can email Sol at mailto:solomon.dworsky@marquette.edu


Cecilia Dietzler ’19 – Merchandise Chair (Serving on eboard since 2019)

Cecilia is responsible for sailing team merchandise. Her duties include designing and coordinating our team merchandise and making good deals on sailing gear available to team members. If you would like to place an order for any MUST gear, email her at cecilia.dietzler@marquette.edu

Makena Walsh ’21 – Alumni/Fundraising Chair (Serving on eboard since 2019)


Makena maintains contact with our alumni and solicits and organizes donations and fundraisers for our team. If you’re an alumni or interested in donating – email Makena at makena.walsh@marquette.edu

Sydney Eger ’21 – Event Coordinator (Serving on eboard since 2018)

Eboard Pic

Sydney is in the business of keeping our team together and running smoothly! She organizes team social and bonding events so we can relax during our time off the water. For social inquiries email Sydney at sydney.eger@marquette.edu