2023 Executive Board

Jenna Kozal ’24 – Commodore & Team Captain

Jenna is a junior studying Criminology, Philosophy, and Gender Studies. She serves as the Commodore and Team Captain of Marquette Sailing and is responsible for organizing and executing regular practices available to all members, holding skill lectures, or “chalk-talks,” to educate members of all skill levels on sailing technique, and organizing team competitors at regattas. This is her sixth season on the sailing team and has been competing for ten years, participating in numerous national regattas throughout high school and college. Her favorite part of MUST is traveling to regattas and becoming closer to the team members.

Brittany Shabino 25′ – Vice Commodore & Regatta Chair

Brittany is a sophomore majoring in biomedical sciences and minoring in chemistry and psychology. She serves as the Vice-Commodore and Regatta Chair and is responsible for organizing regattas hosted by MUST (Pere Marquette and Alumni Regattas), communicating with the MCSA and other schools on behalf of MUST regarding regattas, attendance, and housing, and is responsible for selecting members to attend away regattas. This is her 4th season with Marquette Sailing and has been sailing since she was six starting with optis. She grew up sailing on the Inland Lake Yachting Association and has won top girl skipper at a championship regatta. Her favorite part of MUST is being able to compete at regattas and making new lifelong friends.

Kendall Herzog ’21 – Finance Chair

Kendall is a sophomore majoring in Construction Engineering and minoring in Operations and Supply Chain Management. She is the current Finance Chair, and is responsible for seeking out and applying for sources of funding, creating a budget for the team at the beginning of each semester, collecting team dues and helping the captain maintain the membership roster, paying fees, bills, and invoices on behalf of MUST. This will be her second semester on the team with no prior sailing experience. She has grown up on the shores of Lake Michigan and is ecstatic to have the opportunity to spend more time on the lake in college. Her favorite aspect of MUST is the competitive nature and the friendships it builds.

Caroline Bielski ’24 – Alumni Relations & Fundraising Chair

Caroline is a junior studying anthropology, religious studies, and public history. She is the current alumni relations and fundraising chair, and is responsible for maintaining contact with alumni through newsletters and social media, soliciting and organizing donations, and managing team fundraisers as needed! Caroline has always been drawn to the water and was a competitive diver, surf enthusiast, and sailor. This is Caroline’s 5th season on MUST, and she loves seeing the smiles on her teammates’ faces on the water.

Eva Paschke ’25 – Equipment Chair


Zach Sonkin ’24 – Publicity Chair

Zach is a junior studying Public Relations and minoring in Digital Media. He serves as the Publicity Chair, and is responsible for writing and distributing the MUST newsletter (the Windward Marq), updating the website and various social media, publicizing and involving #MUST on campus, Informing the team of meeting dates, regattas, socials, and other events, as well as elections and other notable announcements. This is Zach’s 4th season on the team and he has been sailing since high school at Sheridan Shores. His favorite aspect of MUST is how close the team is, and how everyone does everything together.

Elaina Kobal ’24 – Merchandise Chair

Elaina is a junior studying mechanical engineering. She serves as the Merchandise Chair. As Merchandise Chair, she is responsible for organizing, distributing, and marketing the sailing apparel. She has been on the sailing team for two years. Her favorite parts of the team are the fun atmosphere the team creates and sailing out on Lake Michigan.

Anna Donnelly ’24 – Social Chair


We’d like to thank our previous executive board members, for their hard work and dedication to the Marquette University Sailing Team. Sail Fast, Live Slow!

Michaela Maclean ’23 – Commodore & Regatta Chair

Elizabeth Jonas ’23 – Alumni & Fundraising Chair

Francesa Lambie ’23 – Merchandise Chair

Jack Condit ’23 – Social Chair

Andrew Horvat ’23 – Publicity Chair

Angel Zavala ’23 – Finance Chair